29 giugno 2012

Massacro animali randagi in Ukraina: bufala? Notizia ingrandita? Non mi pare

Per un maggiore decoro e per rendere più ospitali le città in cui si sarebbero svolte le partite del campionato di calcio Euro 2012, il governo ucraino avrebbe fatto uccidere migliaia di animali randagi.

Su molti siti ho letto questa notizia. su altri ho letto che si tratta di una bufala.

Allora ho scritto a vari membri di Couchsurfing.org che abitano a Kiev. Ho ricevuto 9 risposte... Alcune delle quali danno un po' da pensare, perché mi viene chiesto come mai sono così interessato all'uccisione di animali!...


Hello Marco,
Honestly, I don't know what to answer your question. I have heard such rumours too, just like anyone has, but neither me or my friends witnessed this nearby. For intance, I have seen about ten stray dogs in my neighborhood, nothing happened to them. I do believe though that this might happen in some places locally, we don't have such a strong system of public control so far. It will take time for Ukraine to change,it is still on the way to the European values. But for instance I have heard about the first case when a man was sentenced to 4 years of prison because of cruel treatment of animals.
Overall, many people are disappointed about the reputation that is created by the media for Ukraine. Thus, many English fans preferred to stay at home because of claim of racism here but later they realized that this was just propaganda.
So, if you come to Ukraine, you will make sure that in general we are nice and friendly people:)I visited Italy and I believe that our nations have a lot in common. I wish success to Squadra Azzurra in the finals!:)


I know nothing about it, sorry..


As for me I heard a lot about killing animals. That they will be killed. But on practice I cannot say that this is true. I saw a lot of dogs\cats in Kiev and they still are alive. My friends have the same opinion.
That's what I know and see.
If you are really interested about this I can try to gather more information about this. Maybe in other regions this was happen. I really do not know.


Hi, why are you so interested in this "dogkill" theme? There were many different rumors about this, but nobody knows the truth. So if I say that stray dogs were not killed for Euro I may be wrong. I just don't wanna give you wrong information.


Nobody tells you the truth and even me. I just know that many news about Ukraine are falsified. We are rather peaceful people. Don't mind what press is talking about and enjoy football!


I think this piece of news is a fake. Because on street I see many stray dogs and cats running. Their population is growing. I hope you know where to look replay matches ;)

Anywhere (sì, su Couchsurfing ha questo nick):

Hi there :)
Actually, as I know, that really did happen :(


Hey, Marco.
It is true. Surely, there are many people in Kyiv, who hates animals, іn particular dogs. And they are in city department. So they does not think about animals' life. They only want to look "cleaner" and "inviting" for tourists.


Hello dear friend,
well frankly speaking, that is a difficult question.. The matter is that dogs have raised their population in Ukraine so much, so that it is to be compared to kangaroos and rabbits in Australia or cows in India, and everything would be fine, if only the dogs were not predators... So they are very cute when they are small puppies an everyone likes them, feeds them, even if they live in the streets (which life they definitely prefer rather than to sit in any cage in so called homes for them, which are not sufficiently financed).. Well but in winter they turn into real wolf packs, with about 6-10 dogs in each one.. And it can be quite cold in winter - up till - 30 C.. In such temperatures they need to warm themselves up somehow, and they start to eat everything - any food they can find, including some wastes from people's dinner table, also rats, cats, couple of times they attacked small children. So they live in quite tough conditions, being included into the process of natural selection.. Of course about 50 % don't survive, it's also quite difficult to monitor them, (all of them) and of course to sterilize.. And as far as you know any species, facing tough conditions have developed strategy for them not to disapper, so if many die - they need to breed twice more.. So do the mice, some african tribes (of people), indians, chineese (I do not compare people with animals, I just say, that we are all creatures of nature, and the same laws are unique for most of us).. Some people thought that it might be even more humane to let them die painless, rather than die from hunger, other people (especially those, whose children have been attacked or killed, prefered to kill all the dogs).. As far as I know they have really started that programm with dog poisoning, however it was stopped, now they do run round Kiev, and are happy (summer is a god season for them), but the problem is not solved yet, because it's deaper.. As for me, I love animals and all kinds of creatures, but I don't think one can look at this problem so superficially... However they stopped killing dogs, now we still need them to be sterilized, and well with letting them on the streets, I don't know...
I am sorry for Italian team, it just seems unfair, have I got it right - they had to play with 10 players only ?
Nevertherless it's just a game, as for our problems - that is truth, however the number of dogs killed here is not that big as kangaroos killed in Australia, and they don't attack people there - just cars - they jump under them, and it's also awarded if you kill as many kangaroos as you can.. If I could I would bring kangaroos to Ukraine - the poor dogs would have something to eat - or vice versa the dogs from Ukraine should be exported to Australia - and so all the problems could be solved... Or may be not, this question needs definitely to be studied...
May you have a great day :)

Aspetto le altre risposte ed attendo ulteriori delucidazioni che ho chiesto a Tatyana, Anya e Igor (aggiornamento: a 'sto punto, dopo più di 20 giorni comincio a pensare che le ulteriori delucidazioni non arriveranno mai)

Incollo quel che ho letto su Wikipedia:

Varie critiche sono state rivolte al ministro dell'ambiente ucraino e alla UEFA, che sono accusati, dalla cronaca e dalle associazioni animaliste, tra cui l'italiana OIPA, del sistematico sterminio di migliaia di animali randagi in Ucraina in vista della preparazione all’evento.[10] Una pratica lì definita "consueta" che dal 2010 si è intensificata con finanziamenti a supporto della ribattezzata "soluzione ultima", nel più breve tempo possibile e con ogni mezzo, lecito e no.[11] L’attenzione mediatica e le petizioni degli attivisti, alcuni dei quali chiedono lo spostamento dell'Europeo dall'Ucraina in Spagna o nella sola Polonia, portarono, nel novembre 2011, ad adottare la sterilizzazione e altre forme di contenimento del problema.[12]

Aggiornamento: ho trovato questo video di Andrea Cisternino, un fotografo che da 2 anni vive a Kiev, amante degli animali, autore del documentario "Euro 2012 - La vergogna", sconsigliato alle persone impressionabili... Mi pare che lasci pochi dubbi, nonostante sia stata in parte criticata la sua attendibilità su questo articolo di TerniOggi.

Altro Aggiornamento: ho trovato anche quest'altro video di Andrea del 17 giugno 2012; importante in particolare da 7.06

Il presente articolo rimane comunque aperto a modifiche di aggiornamento...

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